Tips on identifying Insurance Approved burglar proofing

Securebars (PTY) Ltd is proud to announce its affiliation with the Kempston Group and recently became the 1st and only company to have its products and application methods approved by Insurance Underwriters and received the written stamp of approval. Be sure to ask those who mention they have insurance approval to provide supporting documentation, because WE can!!

In order for insurance underwriters to give any sort of approval in the burglar proofing industry, there are three things that are vital:

The Type of Material Used: In our case, as well our direct competitors, the type of Polycarbonate

Application Methods: Securebars™ have been successfully approved by insurance underwriters for it’s application methods. Be sure to ask those who mention they have insurance approval about their application methods, If they can’t answer, it should raise a red flag!

Spacing: This is probably the most vital point to look out for when identifying whether or not a burglar proofing company is insurance approved. Spacing between bars MUST be 120mm high. All insurance companies will not accept anything more than 120mm.


Insurance Approved Stampbig-tick-green