Our range of Securegates consists out off standard size gates (870 x 1950) that fit most normal door openings. All swing gates have 3 hinges and a heavy duty dead lock or slam lock. The are several options for installation, like into the wooden doorframe or into the wall, making use of the provided lockbox or use a locking plate only in the wall. The colour can be specified by the client. Standard are black, bronze, white and silver.

We bend our 25 x 25 mm steel frames rather than weld them for a much nicer and stronger finish and to avoid rust. Monkey proofing and muzzy nets are optional.

Any special size or design will be made to customer’s specifications. For double or triple folding gates we use our unique SecureLock system, so to operate the complete gate there is only one main key and lock and the other locks are mechanical, but can only be opened when the main lock is unlocked.

We offer a complete range of sliding and folding options depending on the installation. We use only Henderson sliding gear as spare parts are readily available throughout Southern Africa. Cape Town, clear bars, clear burglar bars

The most common used applications are straight sliding, folding away and folding around a corner. There are options like top hung or bottom rollers with top guides, commonly the rollers and guides in copper to avoid corrosion. Heavy duty slam locks with a sliding or folding gate is a very safe option. Manual heavy duty dead locks are also available.

We supply a 1500 x 2.000 mm sliding gate for larger patio doors or any other specified size. Delivery times depend on our workload, but generally we can supply within 10 working days in the specified colour and specification.

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