Securebars™ offers you transparent and non-obtrusive burglar bars for your security needs. Our specially treated material withstands the most demanding tests in home security and is used worldwide in top-end safety applications which require high impact resistance and durability.

The material is virtually unbreakable, making it extremely safe in areas where parts may be exposed to impact. When exposed to repeated heavy blows, the material tends to cold-form rather than shatter or break. The material is used for riot shields used in law enforcement, visors for helmets, airplane windows, rocket windows, Formula 1 cars, etc, etc..

It is impossible to break the burglar bars with stones, bricks or a hammer. The material has a tensile breaking strength of 3000 kg’s and is virtually indestructible.

There are several methods of installing the burglar bars that are tailor made for each installation.

The bars are placed with 100mm to maximum 120mm open spaces in between them. The 6mm x 33mm Securebars™ enhance most windows.

The system is relatively economical and creates superb burglar prevention that is hardly noticeable. There is no maintenance, the material is guaranteed for 10 years against fading and aging.

Cleaning is done with normal window cleaning aids, without using sharp and abrasive objects which could damage the burglar bars.

Securebars (PTY) Ltd is proud to announce it’s products and application methods have been approved  by Insurance Underwriters.

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