Who is Securebars?

Securebars™ is the largest supplier and manufacturer of clear security solutions in the Western Cape and our new branch in JHB opens on the 6th May 2013. Our products include Securebars which are transparent burglar bars, SecureGates, AngelGuards, SecureDefence and SecureFilm. 100% BEE Company.

Breaking News 21/5/2013 – INSURANCE APPROVED : Securebars (PTY) Ltd is proud to announce its affiliation with the Kempston Group and recently became the 1st and Only Company to have its products and application methods approved by insurance underwriters and received the written stamp of approval. Be sure to ask those who mention they have insurance approval to provide supporting documentation.

Our Brands


Our transparent burglar bars comes with an unrivalled tensile breaking strength, coupled with its uniqueness, value for money, unobstructed view and most importantly, user friendly maintenance free system which assist in easy living whilst still being safe and secure within the confines of your home.


Securegates are made of a steel frame with our transparent burglar bars straddled both vertically and horizontally provide the ultimate protection for your door openings.


SecureFilm™ offers you a 175 micron thick super strength clear safety window film recommended for windows over a 1.5 square meter area. This unique product offers you extreme protection which brings glass up to tempered safety standards and helps hold glass together when struck.


Angel Guards™ are transparent burglar bars which contain the same strength and high impact resistance as our already unique Securebars™, but with a twist.


“The most effective alternative to create space between you and an intruder” Introducing to you…The GasPistol: a non-lethal alternative for effective self-defence.
“The Safest and most Effective alternative to Protect you and your Family”